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Getting Started With Federal Tuition Assistance
The Army Federal Tuition Assistance Program Is A Federally Funded Tuition Assistance Program.


​​Who Can Use Federal Tuition Assistance?


​Federal Tuition Assistance can be used by any of the following Soldiers as long as the Soldier meets the criteria as established by the U.S. Army.

·         Active Duty Soldiers  
·         Army National Guard MIL TECHS  
·          Army National Guard MDAY Soldiers
·         Army National Guard Soldiers on Active Guard Reserve Status (AGR)
·         Army ROTC Cadets if the cadet is in the simultaneous membership program (SMP) and are not under contract for commissioning.


​​What College Degrees Can Soldiers Use FTA Funding For?

·         Associate's Degree
·         Bachelor's Degree
·         Master's Degree
·         Undergraduate Certificate or Diploma
·         Graduate Certificate


 What Am I Eligible For?    


·         Funding for required courses listed on an approved personalized degree planUniversity of Northern Iowa Class Schedule.pdfUniversity of Northern Iowa Class Schedule.pdf
·         Cost of tuition (no fees) up to $250 per semester hour.   
·         Maximum of $4,000 each fiscal year.   
·         Up to 16 credit hours per fiscal year.  
·         Up to 130 credit hours of undergraduate coursework.    
·          Up to 39 credit hours of graduate coursework. 


 ​FTA Eligibility Requirements ​


 ​Tier 1 Soldiers (First Time TA Users)  


·         Soldiers who have not attained a bachelor's degree using FTA and wish to pursue an undergraduate certificate / diploma, or;
·          Soldiers who have previously attained a bachelor's degree or higher without the use of FTA and wish to pursue a certificate / diploma or master's degree if eligible.

 ​Tier 1 Eligibility Requirements   


·         Enlisted Soldiers: Graduated Advanced Individual Training
·         Warrant Officers: Graduated Basic Warrant Officer Course
·         Officers​: Graduated Basic Officer Leaders Course.  


 Tier 2 Soldiers 


·         Soldiers who have previously used FTA for any portion of their undergraduate degree, have attained a bachelor's degree, and wish to pursue a master's degree. 
​    ​​Tier 2 Eligibility Requirements 

·         Enlisted Soldiers: Graduated Advanced Leaders Course

·         Warrant Officers: Graduated Warrant Officer Advanced Course

·         Officers​: Graduated Captains Career Course.  


 ​​Requesting FTA For Non-LOI Schools Process-1st Time User


The vast majority of colleges and universities through-out the United States are Non-LOI Schools. Non-LOI Schools are not required to have their classes, degree plans, cost verification documents, class schedules loaded in GAE. In Iowa all three public universities, private non-profit, and public community colleges are Non- LOI schools. The following flow chart illustrates the tasks Soldiers must complete in order to receive Federal Tuition Assistance funding for courses they are enrolled in at, Non-LOI Schools the first time they use FTA.



GAE Process.PNG





·          Soldiers may submit TA requests or enroll in courses through the GoArmyEd Portal 60 days before the start date of a course.  
·           F​TA requests must be approved by the end of the business day the day before the start date of a course.
·          There is NO GRACE PERIOD for submitting FTA requests AFTER the COURSE START DATE.



Using Federal Tuition Assistance & GoArmyEd


·          UploadingGAEdocstoeFile.pdfUploadingGAEdocstoeFile.pdf

       Course Planner

·          Changing Course Planner Status.pdfChanging Course Planner Status.pdf

Additional GoArmyEd Resources​


Important Contact Information


·          Michael Robinson, Education Services Specialist, ​​National Guard Bureau, Iowa Army National Guard,
        Federal Tuition Assistance Manager, (515) 252-4422, michael.p.robinson1.civ@mail.mil
·      GoArmyEd HELPDESK (CONUS), (800) 817-9990 
·      GoArmyEd HELPDESK (OCONUS), (800) 861- 7770​
 ​​Country Specific OCONUS GoArmyEd HELPDESK telephone numbers.
oconus table.PNG
**Note: Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Yugoslavia - Kosovo. Using a preprogrammed telephone, dial
          the OCONUS toll - free HELPDESK number (1-800-861-7770) from your military base.
IAARNG Federal Tuition Assistance Program Manager​ 
·          Michael Robinson, B.A., B.G.S., M.S.
·          Education Services Specialist, National Guard Bureau, Iowa Army National Guard
·          (515) 252 - 4422, or michael.p.robinson1.civ@mail.mil