requesting a Guest speaker

At the Iowa National Guard, we strive to be good neighbors and community partners. As a community-based organization, the Iowa National Guard supports and participates in events throughout the state that benefit our citizens and give them insight into their National Guard. These events are as important to us as they are to the groups and communities that sponsor them.

While every attempt is made to support Community Relations requests, it is not possible to support every event due to training requirements, previous commitments, budget constraints, or mobilizations.
All requests will be reviewed to ensure events are in accordance with National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Manual 360-5 (NGB PAM 360-5), Army Regulation 360-1 (AR 360-1) and Air Force Instruction 35-101 (AFI 35-101).

We are proud and honored to participate in our communities by volunteering to speak at various events, however requests will be approved pending the availability of resources and in consideration of time constraints. To request a military guest speaker, review the guidance below and please send an email to this address with details of your event to this address: 30 days in advance


Basic Speaking Event Guidelines

  • Events must be open and advertised to the public
  • Honor Guard support must have projected attendance of 1,000+ individuals
  • Birthdays are not considered public events. Certificates and other materials can be sent, but not military assets
  • Precedence is placed on the five major patriotic holidays: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Day, Veterans Day
  • The Iowa National Guard cannot support any politically partisan event or event geared toward an election
  • Soldiers and Airmen will not provide laborious duties such as: ushers, escorts, construction, or other tasks that can be done through outside organizations/volunteers
  • Support cannot be provided to events that have an admission fee, paid dues to attend, or are raising funds for any means
  • The Iowa National Guard cannot be used for requests that can be made through outside businesses such as: construction, transportation, etc.
  • Even after support is committed to an event, cancellations may occur. You will be notified if support is cancelled
  • You must send a new request, with paperwork, for every event even if the event has been supported in the past
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