Resilience, risk Reduction, suicide prevention

Resilience, Risk Reduction, Suicide Prevention (R3SP)Resources Available:

  • MRT Resource Center (
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8225)
  • Military & Family Life Counselor 571-456-2771
  • Iowa National Guard Resource Line: 515-252-4776


Program Description

Resilience training is used to increase and promote positive behaviors and protective factors that lead to sustained personal readiness and resiliency through training and education.  Resilience training enables Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Family members to leverage intellectual and emotional skills and behaviors, promoting enhanced performance that optimizes long-term health and deployment readiness.


Suicide Prevention Program is to support the Army’s goal to minimize suicide behaviors by reducing the risk of suicide among Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Family members.  Trainings are focused on early identification and intervention strategies.  The programs are designed to increase the overall health and readiness of each Soldier.