Fast FAQs

For updates, inclement weather plans, cancellations, or the latest news on the Iowa National Guard, follow us on Facebook at, on Twitter @IowaNatGuard, on Instagram @iowanationalguard or right here on the website.

A list of general contacts can be found here, also accessible in the header menu under “home” or in the footer menu.

Please note: There is no single reference list to all contacts within the Iowa National Guard. The organization is functionally expansive, with many personnel as well as offices, and extends across the state of Iowa.

If you reach out to an office unassociated with the office that you intended to reach, an attempt will certainly be made to help you reach the correct contact.

However, the ability of employees to search for or provide contacts is limited to the level of detail provided, office resources and duties, and personal experience such as professional relationships between offices. 

Specific etiquette applies to proper disposal of a U.S. flag, and resources about what to do are provided here

Camp Dodge, Johnston

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Official identification such as a state driver’s license, ID, or a Common Access Card (CAC) will suffice for entry into Camp Dodge unless a safety precaution dictates otherwise. Children without IDs may be accompanied by adults with identification. 

ALL motorcyclists (drivers and passengers) on Camp Dodge are required by Department of Defense policy to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consisting of helmet, eye protection (full-face shield or goggles or sunglasses), gloves, long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, and over-the-ankle footwear while operating on Camp Dodge. Motorcyclists should not enter at the NW Beaver Drive gate.

No. Concealed or open carry weapons are not permitted at Camp Dodge other than for authorized personnel. 

We welcome visitors and families  during ceremonies, events, and more. However, tours of Camp Dodge cannot be facilitated at this time. 

Please refer to the contact list for the appropriate office.