Active Guard/Reserve (AGR)

​​​New hire AGR's will likely meet eligibility for either the Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty (CH. 30) or the Post-9/11 GI Bill (CH. 33)
Montgomery GI Bill- Active Duty (Chapter 30):
How an AGR qualifies:
Have qualifying active duty serviice on or after July 1, 1985, or AGR service after November 29, 1989.
  • Complete two years on Active Duty or AGR (Title 10/32) for 80% rate.Complete two years on Active Duty or AGR (Title 10/32) for 80% rate.
  • ​​-Complete three years on Active Duty or AGR (Title 10/32) for 100% rate.
  • >Must complete 24 months before use.
  • -Have pay reduced by $1,200.

What an AGR would recieve, if electing into Ch. 30:

A monthly payment paid directly to the Soldier based on amount of active duty served.

  • 3+ years of service = $2,122 per month.
  • 2-3 years of service = $1,722 per month.

Top Up Program: If on active duty, you can use the MGIB-AD to pay tuition expenses not paid by the tuition assistance.

Optional Plus-Up Program: Allows Soldiers to contribute up to an additional $600 which will increase your monthly benefit up to $150 per month.


If the AGR accepts this benefit:

  • -Complete the DD2366
  • -Complete Payroll Deduction
  • -Complete the DD2366-1 (if wanted for th eoptional Plus-Up Program)
  • -Send the completed documents listed above to the Iowa National Guard Education & Incentives Branch at ​​​

If the AGR declines this benefit:

*Understand by declining MGIB-AD your election is an irrevocable decision.  With this election you will NOT be able to enroll at a later date.
Review these flyers for more information on before you make your election of choosing between the MGIB-AD and/or the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
How to sign up for Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA):
  • POC at Rock Island Arsenal: (309)782-1606
  • $250 per credit hour / $4,000 per Fiscal Year
  • Sign up by using "GoArmyEd"
Free to Military and Military Spouses:
DANTES CLEP, DSST, ACT, SAT testing is free to Military Spouses.
Degree Planning:
Need help with a degree plan?  Contact the Education Support Center at 1-866-628-599
Troop to Teachers:
Troops/Spouses to Teachers Troops_to_Teachers.pdfTroops_to_Teachers.pdf, learn more by calling 1-877-530-2765 or visit