IAKO, XIAKO & Enterprise Email Support


Members of the Iowa National Guard can download the Public Root Certificate for external access to the IAKO portal here.
Depending on your account you will need to connect to IAKO externally from one of two ways.
(Always use E-Mail CAC Credentials)
RCAS External Access to IAKO: https://iako.ia.ngb.army.mil.
Non-RCAS / MDAY / First Responder Access: https://xiako.ia.ngb.army.mil.
Enterprise Email Web Access (Smartcard only)
Enterprise Email Required Tasks
1. Update personal information on milConnect website.
2. Forward AKO Email to Enterprise Email
1. Install Root Certificates (Not required on a RCAS Network)
1. Download Root CA, Click Root Cert icon below
2. Open
3. When/If prompted click "Allow"
4. Double-Click NGIA_CA_Root.cer
5. Open, Install Certificate.
6, Click Next, then Click "Place all certificates in the following store" *
7. "Browse", Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" click OK *
8. Next, Finish
9. Repeat for Root Cert 2.
Cert1       Cert2
2. Put IAKO into Trusted Sites
1. Open Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options
2. Click the Security Tab
3. Click Trusted Sites Icon then click Sites button
3. Install CAC Reader
1. Follow the documentation for installing your CAC reader on your PC. (Most likely plug n' play)
2. Install Active Client (32BIT) (64BIT) (Active Client not required on Windows 7 or higher)
3. Publish CAC Certificates
4. Right-Click the Active Client Icon in task bar and click OPEN.
Unable to Connect from a Personal PC?
Try resetting your browser to default settings. (does not delete favorites)
In Internet Explorer Go To > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Click Reset... button at bottom.
Reset IE to default settings
Editing Documents on SharePoint over a HTTPS Connection.
Here are the steps needed to allow you to edit documents on SharePoint over SSL (HTTPS) from a external internet connection.
The only thing that does not work is being able to "Copy Slide to Presentation" on a Slide Library. You can switch to the Explorer view and download
all the slides and build the presentation on your desktop or use a Citrix connection for that step.

The function of mapping anywhere on XIAKO as a network location resolved most issues with being able to edit documents
on any site over HTTPS.

How To Map a HTTPS network location using the following URL

URL to map.


1. Open My Computer
2. Right Click anywhere under Network Location and click Add a Network Location
3. Choose a custom network location, click NEXT
4. Enter one of the above URL's, click NEXT
5. Keep the name of this network location the default name, click NEXT
6. Click FINISH
7. Close this explorer window, do NOT edit anything in this document library, just leave the mapped network location to this document library in the background, the active connection in the background will allow you to edit documents on SharePoint over HTTPS.