Iowa Army National Guard

The Iowa Army National Guard is a great way to serve your community, gain job skills, pay for college and advance your career. Explore our benefits and find out why the Iowa Army National Guard is the Service of Choice.
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Soldiers in the Iowa National Guard serve part-time.  That means you can use your training and education benefits here in Iowa while you serve. Our recruiters will help you select a career field that interests you. After Basic Training, you will attend specialized training in your field, while collecting pay and benefits. You will also receive college credit for the training you receive.


The Iowa National Guard provides State and Federal Tuition Assistance (up to 100%), in addition to other benefits to help you pay for college. We will help you get the most out of your benefits, by helping you leverage your training, experience, and education to find a civilian career in your chosen field. We have trained professionals who can put you in touch with employers, help you prepare your resume, and even help you prepare for interviews. These services are a benefit we provide to all of our service members as part of our Enlist, Educate & Employ (E3) Program

If you have already graduated, or are currently attending college, you will want to check out our Officer Programs.
If you are currently serving in another branch of service, or in the National Guard, but in another State, you might be eligible to transfer to the Iowa Army National Guard at your current rank. 
The Iowa Counterdrug Task Force provides personnel, equipment and facilities to support law enforcement agencies and organizations as a part of the National Guard counterdrug program.
The Midwest Counterdrug Training Center provides the highest quality training in the fight against drug trafficking and substance abuse. Training is provided on site at Camp Dodge or a mobile team is available upon request.
The Sustainment Training Center (STC) is a one of a kind training experience for maintenance soldiers and units.
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