Federal Jobs

 ArmyIA-10668180-AR-19-228 PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST GS-1035-11OFF (Maj and below)Johnston, IA12/16/2019
 ArmyIA-10641814-AR-19-209 SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRER / WG-5801-08ENLFMS 4, Council Bluffs, IA12/18/2019
 ArmyIA-10658562-AR-19-217 TARGET SYSTEMS REPAIRER (INDEF MBP) / WG-2601-08ENLCDJMTC, Johnston, IA12/18/2019
 ArmyIA-10671993-AR-19-234 HOUSING MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT / GS-1173-08ENLCDJMTC, Johnston, IA12/19/2019
 ArmyIA-10672113-AR-19-235 OPERATIONS AND PLANS SPECIALIST / GS-0301-07ENLCDJMTC, Johnston, IA12/19/2019
 ArmyIA-10672265-AR-19-236 BASE OPERATIONS MANAGER / GS-0340-13OFFCDJMTC, Johnston, IA12/15/2019
 ArmyIA-10672677-AR-19-237TRAINING TECHNICIAN / GS-1702-11OFFRRB, Camp Dodge, Iowa12/20/2019
 ArmyIA-10662471-AR-19-219  EXTENDEDSURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRER (EXTENDED) / WG-5801-08ENLFMS 3, Sioux City, Iowa 12/20/2019
 ArmyIA-10673274-AR-19-239 BUDGET ANALYST / GS-0560-09Title 5STC, Camp Dodge, IA12/23/2019
 ArmyIA-10663043-AR-19-222 TELECOMMUNICATION SPECIALIST (EXTENDED) / GS-0391-09ENLHHC 2/34TH BCT, Boone, IA12/23/2019

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