State Employment Branch

Everything a supervisor or manager needs to complete his responsibilities to the employee, the department and the state of Iowa is contained in the Managers and Supervisor manual on the DAS web site. The State Human Resource office is here to facilitate any questions or problems, which may arise. Along with this, other things the office does are:
Phone: 515-252-4689 or DSN 431-4689
Links: The following are hyper-links handy for all supervisors and their employees.
  • Employee benefits: health, dental, life, leaves, and etc…
  • Processing in and out: process all needed paperwork for new and leaving employees.
  • Evaluations and Plans: Tracks Evaluations and performance plans of employees.
  • Employment Packets: Initiates employment packets with downtown and send letters on applicant statuses.
  • Labor/Management: Interprets and conducts 2nd step union grievances and disciplinary actions.
  • CDL Program Management – Ensure employees who perform safety sensitive duties have received video training, have and maintain required CDL license, submit to required random drug screenings.
  • EEO/AA: Prepares Affirmative Action Plan and screens hiring packets for compliance with plans and laws.
  • Downtown Liaisons: Acts as the liaison to downtown to facilitate actions directed from the state.
  • Training Rep: enrolls employees in Professional Development Courses offered by the State of Iowa.
  • Security Clearances: Processes State security clearances.
  • Retirements: Facilitates retirements.
  • Change and Enrollment Periods: Conducts change and enrollment sessions for benefits.
  • Job Classifications: Administratively processes request concerning job classifications.