Out of State Jobs

17-21 RNCOArmy AGRReadiness NCO/SFCEnlisted65th Press Camp Headquarters, West Newton, MA6/11/2017
17-25State of IowaProperty Book Officer/W4OfficerUAARNG Installation Support Unit, Boise, ID6/7/2017
17-27Army AGRREADINESS NCO/E-5EnlistedHHC 1-183RD AV REG, Boise, ID6/15/2017
17-28Army AGRTRAINING NCO/E-5EnlistedCO A 1-168TH GSAB, Boise, ID6/15/2017
17-29NewArmy AGRAutomation NCO/E-7EnlistedIDARNG REC & RET, Boise, ID6/22/2017
17-A301 Air AGRProduction Recruiter and Retainer/E-6Enlisted153rd Force Support Squadron, Cheyenne, WY9/30/2017
17-A305Air AGRSecurity Forces Journeyman (YEAR ROUND)/E-5Enlisted153rd Security Forces Squadron, Cheyenne, WY9/30/2017
17-A322 E-9Air AGRSUPV HR Specialist (Military) /E-9Enlisted53rd Force Support Squadron, Cheyenne, WY6/13/2017
17-A332Air AGRSuperintendent, Cyber Systems/E-7Enlisted153 CACS/Cheyenne, WY5/16/2017
17-A339Air AGRVehicle Maintenance Journeyman/E-5Enlisted153rd Command and Control Squadron, Cheyenne, WY6/14/2017
17-A343NewAir AGRCyber Transport Craftsman/E-6Enlisted153rd Command and Control Squadron, Cheyenne, WY6/22/2017
AGR-17-01Army AGRRecruiting and Retention Noncommissioned Officer (R&R NCO)/E-6EnlistedNDARNG Recruiting & Retention Battalion, TBD North Dakota Locations9/30/2017
CSM Executive NCO AnnouncementArmy AGRExecutive NCO to CSM/E-9EnlistedARNG/Arlington, VA5/24/2017
HHC COArmy AGRCompany Commander/CPTOfficerHHC 229 BEB, Fredericksburg, VA6/30/2017
SWVA 17-0167Army AGRCHIEF OPERATIONS SGT/E-9EnlistedHHD 229th Medical Battalion, Jefferson City, MO6/29/2017
WTC A Co RTACArmy AGROTOT WTC A Co/E-7Enlisted7/11/2017
WTC C Co BTACArmy AGROTOT WTC C Co BTAC/SFCEnlistedFt Benning, GA7/11/2017