AGR Jobs

ArmyINFORMATION SYSTEMS SPEC/E-717-148AREnlistedIA-ARNG REC AND RET BN, Johnston, IA11/17/2017
ArmyREADINESS NCO/E-717-149AREnlistedA CO 334 BSB/JOHNSTON, IA11/20/2017
ArmyREADINESS NCO/E-717-150AREnlisted109 MED BN, Iowa City, IA11/21/2017
ArmySUPPLY SGT/E-617-151AREnlisted209 MED CO, Iowa City, IA11/21/2017
ArmyREADINESS NCO / E-717-152AREnlistedB CO 1-168 IN, Shenandoah, IA11/21/2017
ArmyTRAINING NCO/E-617-153AREnlistedF CO 334 BSB, STORM LAKE, IA11/22/2017
ArmyPLANS-RANGE OFFICER/O-417-154AROfficerCDJMTC, Johnston, IA11/20/2017
ArmyBN SUPPLY SGT / E-717-155AREnlistedHHC, 1034TH CSSB, Johnston, IA11/22/2017
ArmyREADINESS NCO/E-717-157ARNewEnlistedHHB 1-194TH FA, FORT DODGE, IA 11/30/2017
ArmyR & R NCO/E-717-159ARNewEnlistedIA-ARNG REC & RET BN, CLINTON, IA11/22/2017
ArmyR & R NCO/E-717-160ARNewEnlistedIA-ARNG REC & RET BN, MARSHALLTOWN, IA11/29/2017
ArmyREC & RET NCO/E-717-161ARNewEnlistedIA-ARNG REC & RET BN, WATERLOO, IA12/14/2017
ArmyR & R NCO/E-717-162ARNewEnlistedIA-ARNG REC & RET BN, CHARLES CITY, IA12/14/2017
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