“About the 34th Army Band" 
The 34th Army Band, Iowa Army National Guard, is stationed in Fairfield, Iowa and is the only military band in the state of Iowa. The Band is under the command and direction of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kent C. Wesselink, of Eagle Grove, Iowa and 1st Sgt. Brian D. Pappaducas of Ankeny, Iowa.  
The mission of the Band is to provide music throughout the spectrum of military operations, instill in our soldiers the will to fight and win, and foster the support of our citizens and promote our national interests at home and abroad.   
The 34th Army Band is made up of citizen soldiers whose civilian occupations include teachers, salesmen, corporate management, engineers, and students.  Members of the Band live throughout Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska.  They assemble for a minimum of one weekend a month, and fifteen Annual Training days per year.
The Band has performed nationally and worldwide.  The Unit's numerous ensembles have extensively toured the State of Iowa performing at official military ceremonies, sporting events, parades, concerts, festivals, school assemblies, patriotic concerts, and many other events. As the official military band of Iowa, the unit has performed at many official state functions, such as the Governor's Inauguration and official visits of United States and Foreign dignitaries including the President of the United States.
Other notable performances include the Bicentennial Celebration in Washington DC, the Alpini Festival parade in Pescara, Italy for over 600,000 people and a concert at the US Ambassador's residence in Athens, Greece. During Annual Training periods, the unit has supported the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado and a Mobilization Readiness Exercise at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland which included Change of Command ceremonies at Fort Meade and performances at Walter Reed Hospital.
During state emergencies, the band has supported the needs of local communities in multiple roles from providing support to flood-stricken Iowa communities to assisting stranded motorists during winter storms.
The Band's main performing groups — the Concert and Marching Bands, Sidewinders, 42Romeo, Scrap Metal, and Synergy Winds — perform for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from military ceremonies to parades and traditional summer concerts for the public.  If you are interested in having the Iowa Army National Guard's 34th Army Band perform at your event, please contact us with your request.


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Concert and Ceremonial Bands:
The primary performing group of the 34th Army Band, the Concert and Ceremonial Bands are composed of all the unit's personnel and performs a wide range of repertoire geared towards the public audience. The 34th's Concert Band performs during the band's summer tour and for other events throughout the year. The Ceremonial Band marches for military ceremonies and parades throughout Iowa.  Concert selections include popular classic marches, film scores, patriotic tunes, and traditional and contemporary concert literature.  For most people when you think of a military band this ensemble is what comes to mind.

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42 Romeo is not your ordinary rock band.  As members of the 34th Army Band, they have a special mission to serve as ambassadors for the Iowa Army National Guard.  A typical 42 Romeo performance weaves together a variety of music, ranging from classic rock to current hits, and a little bit of everything in between.  Their goal is to play something that every audience member will love, but their performances are not just meant to entertain--they are meant to inspire.  Their message is one of courage, citizenship, and service to your community, state, and country.

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Born from tradition, but raised to serve in the new millennia, Scrap Metal is one of many ensembles that comprise the Iowa National Guard's 34th Army Band, and is a prime example of the changing nature of today's military bands.  Scrap Metal is a modern New Orleans style Brass Band that plays a large variety of music, from current pop tunes, to 80s and 90s rock, blues, funk, Ska and riot jazz – there’s really no limit to what they’ll attempt.  While the members of Scrap Metal are part-time soldiers and musicians, their approach to music and level of professionalism is unmatched.  They pride themselves on their eclectic music selection, improvisation, and most importantly their fun-loving, high-energy performance.  It should be noted that they claim no pride whatsoever in their dance skills.

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The Sidewinders are a popular music ensemble that is in high demand for military and civilian functions alike. The Sidewinders perform current hits from today’s top pop artists as well as rock classics. The nine piece band features vocals from various members backed by electric guitars, keyboards and percussionists.  A three piece horn section compliments the ensemble.  The band has performed at the Iowa State Fair, opened for Loverboy, Tommy James & the Shondells, and The Oak Ridge Boys, and performed at various festivals and military events throughout Iowa. 

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Composed of two flutes, a clarinet, french horn, and bassoon, the 34th's Woodwind Quintet “Synergy Winds” performs for military, government, and civilian functions throughout the year.  With a catalog of popular, patriotic, and traditional pieces, Synergy Winds is a small but versatile group that supports a wide variety of events.  In 2016, 2017 and 2018, Synergy Winds performed with the Kosovo Security Force band members for several high profile events.  This continues to be an important mission in support of the Iowa-Kosovo State Partnership Program.

34th Army Band
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