How to become a Member

The Army National Guard offers an outstanding opportunity for quality musicians. If you are interested in pursuing a career with some of America's finest, contact your local Army National Guard recruiter.
Audition Information
The 34th Army Band conducts auditions throughout the year for current and projected vacancies. Interested musicians may contact the 34th Army Band to schedule an audition at their convenience. The audition process consists of an interview with the Commander and First Sergeant, a prepared solo piece, demonstrated knowledge of scales, and sight reading.
Once accepted, qualified applicants who are not prior military would be eligible to enlist through the Civilian Acquired Skills or CASP program. This allows enlistment in the accelerated rank of PFC. New soldiers are then required to complete 8 weeks of Basic Training, followed by 4 weeks of on the job training with an active duty Army band.
As a member of the 34th Army Band, you will be given a professional quality instrument, and have the opportunity to perform with a professional military band. Some of the performing groups in the band include a 60 piece Concert Band-and Marching Band, the Rhythm Majors 20 piece Jazz/Dance Band, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Quintet, and Small Jazz Combo. The 34th Army Band performs throughout Iowa, the continental United States, and overseas.
As a member of the National Guard, you will be required to attend drill one weekend a month. You will also be required to attend 15 days of annual training throughout the year. These days are spent in rehearsal and performances, as well as training in common soldier skills such as marksmanship, map reading, and first aid.