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Lean in '17 is a comprehensive wellness campaign geared towards assisting all Iowa National Guard Service Members in reaching their fitness and wellness goals in order to enhance the organization's personnel readiness and the overall health of the Iowa National Guard.
Be on the lookout for fun challenges, Soldier success stories, wellness resources, and more to move the Iowa National Guard towards top in Soldier and Family health.
Let's set the standard for the State of Iowa by being:

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Warrior Ready Sports Program
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Grab your fellow Soldier and
Represent the Iowa National Guard
by getting involved in events all over the state 
  Check out the sites below to see what's
happening in your area:


No Man's Land Trench Run Front
New Registration coming for 2017
IA Guard Fitness Facilities
Lean in '17 Challenges
March Challenge
*Pushup Challenge"

The Soldier who can perform the most pushups in 2 minutes. 
The Health Promotion NCO will validate all challenge winners and submit the rank, name, and repetitions or time of the exercise performed to Shaun Myers shaun.a.myers4.mil@mail.mil. Photos and video on social media are highly encouraged: #LeanIn17 #IAWarriorReady
February Winner
*CPT Thomas Hahn*
1034th QM
111 Situps in 2 minutes

Past Challenge Winners
PFC Alex Reyes
Straight Arm Plank- 15m4s
831st EN Co
Lean in '16 Month Challenges Winners  
Physical Fitness
You don’t have to stop being physically active after the weekend drill is over.  Continue the Lean in ’17 Challenge by utilizing these resources to keep moving!
Crush Your APFT
Guide to Max your APFT
How to Crush the APFT in 30 Days
Get Ready for the APFT: 3 Months to Go
Resting Expenditure Calculator
 Guard Your Health APFT.jpg

Recommended FREE Smartphone Fitness Apps

100 Pushups All-Star
Max out your pushups. Reach 100 pushups in only 6 weeks.

C25K Free
Get off the couch and get moving by training for a 5K.  This app gives you an 8 week training plan to successfully complete a 5K.

Track your running, walking, and biking stats, along with all other workouts using GPS to reach your fitness goals.

Fitnet Fitness Tracker and Exercise Coach
Use this app to track if you are keeping up with the workout.  As you follow the many workout videos provided by personal trainers, the Fitnet app uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to measure how well you’re keeping up.

Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and get fit while competing with your friends! Fitocracy offers a variety of workouts that keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals.

Just 6 Weeks: 200 Sit-ups
Max out your sit-ups by taking on this 6 week challenge. 

Track activities, log food, and set up challenges against yourself or friends.

 Nike+Training Club
Offers more than 100 workouts made by Nike master trainers for people of all fitness levels!  Select what fits your goals (get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused).

Use this app when hitting the weights. StrongLifts prompts your to complete three lifting exercises with five sets of five reps.

 kit Lite
Don’t have time to workout?  Use this app to fit in quick 5 minute workouts using only your body weight.

WOD Deck of Cards
Enjoy WOD (workout of the day) at your local CrossFit box? Use this app and choose four exercise you want to focus on-one for each suit-and see what comes up first in the deck.  Keep drawing until the deck is finished or you reach a point of exhaustion.
Incorporate nutritious meals into your daily life to be Lean in '17
Healthy Dining Finder
Eat Wisely Video
VA MOVE! Handouts on Nutrition
Protein Needs Calculator                      
Carbohydrate Needs Calculator
Recommended FREE Smartphone Fitness Apps
Calorie Counter and Food Diary
More than 650,000 food items.
Healthy Out
Want to eat out, but want to eat healthy? Plug in your address and add filters for a dish that will allow you to find a dish for you.
Lose It!
Set weight loss goals and timeline, track calorie consumption.
Log meals in under a minute or plug in your homemade meal and exercises to keep track of your calories.
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
Track your fitness, nutrition, and weight loss all on this app.
ShopWell users create a personal profile to help them find the right foods for their diet.
Leadership Tools
Be a Leader in your unit.  Motivate your fellow Soldiers by using these tools to help guide them to be Lean in ’17.
Guides for Leaders
Guard Your Health Leadership Toolkit
Triad:  Leader’s Guide: An Introduction to the Performance Triad
Physical Fitness and Nutrition Tools
Performance Triad: Stand Up for Health Brochure