About Us
The Iowa National Guard Child and Youth Program exists to provide military child and youth with valuable opportunities for networking and skill development. Started in 2006, the Iowa National Guard Child and Youth Program (IANGCYP) has continued to grow both in numbers of participants and numbers of volunteers. Building on its philosophy of providing social, emotional and academic support to military children and youth, the IANGCYP works to increase awareness of challenges facing military children and youth as well as the resources available for these individuals. 
Since the inception of the Child and Youth program, the IANGCYP has conducted numerous State Symposiums (setting new records for attendance each year), increasing its adult volunteer base, providing various trainings and professional development opportunities for educators, conducted numerous Family Retreat Weekends, increased partnerships with both local and state-wide organizations and participated in events throughout the state focused on supporting children and youth. All of this, however, is just the beginning. With nearly 11,000 military dependents throughout the state, the need for increased opportunities has never been greater. 
As we move toward the future, your involvement will be the key to our success. Those in the National Guard Community, as well as those with a vested interest in supporting military children and youth through volunteer efforts, are encouraged to participate in all upcoming events. To learn more about the IANGCYP, or to volunteer, please email the Child and Youth Coordinator.
We look forward to seeing you in the future!