• To be dedicated to supporting commanders and serving the Iowa National Guard through timely, complete, and courageous inquiries, investigations and inspections.
  • To develop, teach, implement and assess broad inspection policy supportive of the Iowa Army and Air National Guard.
  • To have inspectors general of unquestionable integrity who are trained, organized, and staffed to provide effective service.
  • To continually plan for improving the effectiveness of the IG system in peace; in transition to war, crisis or emergency; and when deployed.
  • To constantly focus its inquiries, investigations, and inspections on solutions to the root causes of problems.
  • To be committed to teaching, and to the identification and dissemination of innovative ideas.

  • Prompt and thorough assistance on all Inspector General Action Requests.
  • Courteous and efficient customer service.
  • Unbiased inspections and assessments.
  • Focus on teaching and assisting in solving systemic problems.
  • Well-trained, dedicated Inspector General personnel.
  • Conduct Command Climate surveys or sensing sessions upon request.

  • The customer will be greeted within one minute upon entering the office.
  • All Inspector General Action Requests will be handled confidentially and expeditiously, with an interim response furnished within 5 working days.
  • Inspections/assessments will determine root causes of problems, recommend solutions and fix responsibility for solutions.
  • Inspection reports will support all findings and recommendations.
  • Inspections will be conducted within the scheduled time frame and written reports rendered 30 days thereafter.

The people in the Iowa Inspector General's Office recognize the value and obligation to treat others with fairness and respect. We achieve our goals and objectives by following these values and principles:
Honesty and Integrity. We are honest with ourselves and others. Our integrity is exhibited through relationships with coworkers, customers, and the public. Our expectation is truth in all relationships. Our honesty and integrity create trust. We act in a responsible and accountable manner.
Teamwork. We work together to achieve common goals. Full participation, cooperation, and open communication lead to superior results.
Winning Attitude. Our "can-do" attitude and desire for excellence drive continuous improvement.

Customer Satisfaction. Anticipate, understand, and excel at meeting customer needs.
Continual Improvement. Improve the current level of performance of processes, products, and services.
Innovation. Search for and implement creative processes, products, and services.
Process Emphasis. Focus on processes as the means to improve results.
Management Leadership. Create and maintain a shared vision, constancy of purpose, and supportive environment that includes appropriate recognition and reinforcement.
Empowerment. Create a culture where people have the knowledge, skills, authority, and desire to decide, act, and take responsibility for results of their actions and for their contribution to the success of the Iowa National Guard.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service you receive from this office, please call (515) 252-4567 or stop by the office in room 242 at the Joint Forces Headquarters building.
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