The Iowa National Guard Education Assistance Program (NGEAP)

This is a state funded tuition assistance program that can be used in conjunction with the qualified Service Member's federal student aid programs such as the GI Bill and the Federal Tuition Assistance (GoArmyEd) programs.

POLICY: The Adjutant General's Policy Memorandum.
APPLICATION: Apply online at the Iowa College Aid web site by selecting the "Iowa Financial Aid Application" button under Quick Links on the right margin and completing the questionnaire.

ICSAC Quick Links.PNG 

You will also be given the opportunity to apply for other assistance through scholarships, grants and loan repayment programs if you wish.


YOUR APPLICATION STATUS: Please refer to the email you submitted when you applied for NGEAP. When a Service Member is determined Eligible or Ineligible for NGEAP, a system generated email is sent to the email on file of your determination. If you cant find this email, ask your school. All qualifying schools for NGEAP have the ability to download a roster of approved students.



·         July 1st
o    For both fall and spring together
o    For fall only
·         December 1st  
o    For spring only (if you did not apply for fall)
o    If you checked "Do not plan to enroll" for spring when you applied for fall, and now plan to enroll
EXCEPTION TO POLICY PROCEDURES for missed application deadlines or otherwise disapproved applications.

Read the ETP Policy and Procedures Memo then complete and forward the ETP Memorandum using the below template.

ETP Policy and Procedures Memo.pdfETP Policy and Procedures Memo.pdf     NGEAP ETP Memorandum Template.docNGEAP ETP Memorandum Template.doc