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Getting Started With GoArmyEd
The Army Federal Tuition Assistance Program Is A Federally Funded Tuition Assistance Program.
Who Is Eligible?
·         Soldiers Who Have Completed One Year Of Service Beyond The Completion Of AIT
     NOTE! Effective 5 AUG 18, the one year wait is rescinded.
·         All Army National Guard (ARNG) In Active Drilling Status:
§  AGR
§  Dual-Technicians
§  MDAY Soldiers
·         Mobilized Or Deployed ARNG Soldiers Including Both Enlisted Or Officer
·         Soldiers Pursuing A Degree From Accredited/GoArmyEd School Including:
§  Associate’s Degree
§  Bachelor’s Degree
§  Master’s Degree
§  Undergraduate Certificate or Diploma
·         Soldiers Attending Summer School
·         Soldiers Taking Online Courses From An Accredited/GoArmyEd School
Current Federal Tuition Assistance Policy Requirements
·           Soldiers Must Have Completed One Year of Service To Use FTA At The Undergraduate Level
         NOTE! Effective 5 AUG 18, the one year wait is rescinded.
·         Soldiers Pursuing A Master's Degree Must Have Completed 10 Years Of Military Service
     NOTE! Effective 5 AUG 18, the 10-year service requirement is rescinded; Soldiers who used FTA for an undergraduate degree must complete  ALC, CCC or WOAC to use FTA for a Master’s Degree.
·        Soldiers Who Completed A Bachelor’s Degree Prior to Enlisting Do Not Have To Meet The 10 Year Service Requirement
·         Soldiers May Receive Federal Tuition Assistance For 16 Credit Hours Per Fiscal Year
·         Soldiers May Receive Federal Tuition Assistance Up To 130 Credits For An Undergraduate Degree 
·         Soldiers May Receive Federal Tuition Assistance Up To 39 Credits For A Master’s Degree
·         FTA Is A 100% Tuition Assistance Program Up To $250 Per Credit Hour, $4,000 Per Fiscal Year
·         FTA Cannot Be Used With Chapter 1606 or 1607 of the GI Bill
GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance Process
1)      Create A GoArmyEd Account
2)      Complete VIA
3)      Upload All Required Documentation To Request Federal Tuition Assistance
4)      Submit A Tuition Assistance Request
5)      Tuition Assistance Is Reviewed By An Army Education Counselor
6)      Soldier Receives Email Message Stating The TA Request Was Approved Or Rejected
7)      Soldier Provides TA Form To School’s Billing Official If The TA Request Was Approved
·         Soldiers Have 60 Days Before The Start Date Of Courses To Submit Tuition Assistance Requests
·         Tuition Assistance Requests Must Be Approved By The Day Before The Start Date Of Any Course
·         There Is No Grace Period For Submitting Tuition Assistance Requests After Course Start Date
​**Tutorial Documents May Be Slow In Loading Depending On The Size Of Each Document ​  
Using GoArmyEd & Federal Tuition Assistance
·           GoArmyEd Login
·           Creating a GoArmyEd Account
·           1st Time Users of GoArmyEd
·           Uploading Documents to the eFile
·           Printing Required TA Form
·           Resolving Rejected TA Requests
Course Planner



·           Course Planner Overview


·           Creating The Course Planner


·           Course Planner-Moving Rejected Courses Into Pending Status


·           Course Planner Subject & Catalog Fields


·           Inputting Additional Courses Into The Course Planner


·           Submitting Tuition Assistance Requests Using the Course Planner

Additional GoArmyEd Resources
·           Class Schedule Example
·           Degree Plan Document Requirements
·           Degree Plan Example
·           GoArmyEd HELPDESK Information
·           GoArmyEd Quick Reference Guide
·           Updating Your Profile in GoArmyEd

    Contact Information

    ·         GoArmyEd HELPDESK Contact Information
    ü  For CONUS is 1-800-817-9990
    ü  For Soldiers Who Are Deployed OCONUS The GAE HELPDESK May Be Contacted Toll Free
    §  Access The GoArmyEd Home Page
    §  Click ‘HELPDESK’ Link At The Bottom Of The GoArmyEd Home Page
    §  Click The ‘GoArmyEd HELPDESK Numbers’ Link To Locate the Toll Free Number
    Federal Tuition Assistance Manager
    ·         Michael Robinson, B.A., B.G.S., M.S.
                 Education Services Specialist, National Guard Bureau Iowa Army National Guard
    IAARNG Education Services Office
    (515) 252-4422
    ** Hardcopy forms are not accepted for GoArmyEd.