Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) regarding Tuition Assistance

  • Question: How much money can I receive in a year? (Pertains to FTA and INGSS)
    Answer: Visit, click Service Scholarship tab, read the memo under the POLICY section. INGSS generally goes up every year, Army IgnitED-FTA $250 per credit hour, $4,000 per fiscal year.
  • Question: How do I apply for Army IgnitED-FTA, INGSS, and GI Bill?
    Answer: Go to Then select the perspective program tab on the left; Service Scholarship, CH. 1606, and Army IgnitED. 
  • Question: When will I know if I’ve been approved for State Tuition Assistance?
    Answer: There should be two emails sent for INGSS. The first email will tell me that the Education Office has received my application; the second email will tell me that it has been approved or denied.
  • Question: When will I know if I’ve been approved for Federal Tuition Assistance?
  • Answer: For Army IgnitED-FTA, there should be an email sent. If no email has been received, contact my unit.
  • Question: Who is paid the money for Tuition Assistance?
    Answer: Only the school gets paid directly. For INGSS, if the bill has been paid in full when INGSS is funded, the school can send the 
  • remaining INGSS funds to the student.
  • Question: When are the funds for state tuition assistance (INGSS) paid? How long does it take?
    Answer: For INGSS, the school should be reflecting the credit to your account on your U-Bill upon approval actions from the 
  • Education & Incentives Branch. However, the funds are sent to the schools shortly after 15 Oct for fall terms and 15 Feb for spring terms.
  • Question: When are the funds for federal tuition assistance paid? How long does it take?
  • Answer: For Army IgnitED-FTA, the school is eligible to invoice after 19% of the class is completed.  Once the invoice is received by Army IgnitED, payment is usually made within 30 days. .
  • Question: Where do I turn in my grades?
    Answer: Current grades no longer need to be turned into your education office. Schools must report grades directly into the Army IgnitED portal within 45 days after the end date of classes.  Grades from previous classes will need to be sent BY YOUR SCHOOL to your education office.
  • Question: How do I get college credit for military schools I’ve attended or for military experience?
    Answer: Visit, and then click Joint Service Transcript tab. If your schools are not listed in my file, you need to call the 1-800 number posted on the web site.
  • Question: What college assistance (tuition, GI Bill, etc) am I eligible for?
    Answer: You may be eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance (Army IgnitED), State Tuition Assistance (INGSS), GI Bill (Ch. 30, CH. 1606, or Ch. 33), and Kicker.
  • Question: Who should I contact if I have questions?
    Answer: Your unit should always be your first point of contact. If your unit cannot answer your questions, then the unit should utilize appropriate command channels to address your inquiry.
  • Question: How does a deployment affect my benefits?
    Answer: Your GI Bill benefits will change during and after a deployment.  Information regarding these changes will be discussed during Pre-MOB briefings and De-MOB briefings.  While deployed, you may also have access to an Education Center depending on location of Mobilization.