POST 9/11 GI BILL, Chapter 33

The Post 9/11 GI Bill is an education program for Service Members who serve on qualifying active duty after September 10, 2001 and receive an honorable discharge.
(Reference : Title 38 USC Chapter 33, DoDI 1341.13)
Eligibility Criteria:  Post 9-11 GI Bill Ch33.pdfPost 9-11 GI Bill Ch33.pdf
You may be eligible if you served at least 90 days in a period of qualifying active duty on or after September 11, 2001 or in a qualifying duty status for 30 continuous days and separated due to a service-connected disability or injury.
Qualifying Active Duty service is:
  • Service in any active component.
  • Title 10 U.S.C. Sections 672(d), 688, 12301(a), 12301(d), 12301(g), 12301(h), 12302, 12304, 12304a, or 12304b
  • Title 10 AGR or Title 32 AGR
  • Title 32 U.S.C., Section 502(f), between 11 Sep 01 - 31 May 02, in which orders state "In Support of Operation Noble Eagle
  • ​​Title 32 U.S.C., Section 502(f), effective February 15, 2019 - Present in Support of Southwest Border Security Support under Operation Guardian Shield
  • ​Effective March 22, 2020- in support of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Serve in a qualifying duty status for 30 continuous days and separate due to a service-connected disability or injury.
  • Purple Heart recipients eligible at 100% payment tier.

Effective 1 August 2018:  Title 10 Sections 12301(h), 12304a, and 12304b are qualifying service for Post-9/11 GI Bill.

  • Title 10 Section 12301(h) for service on or after 11 September 2001.
  • Title 10 Sections 12304a and 12304b for service on or after 30 June 2008.
  • Payments by the VA and TEB eligibility for these three services will be recognized effective 1 August 2018.


Post 9/11, Chapter 33 Application Process:


What can I use my Post-9/11 GI Bill for?

Correspondence training
Cooperative training
Entrepreneurship training
Flight training
Independent and distance learning
Institutes​ of higher learning undergraduate and graduate degrees
licensing and certification reimbursement
Vocational/technical training, non-college degree programs
National testing reimbursement
On-the-job training
Tutorial assistance
Vocational/technical training
School References for CH 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill:
Does your place of learning qualify for GI Bill funding? WEAMS Public
Qualify for the 100% Payment Tier? Yellow Ribbon Program
TEB (Transfer of Education Benefits)
TEB is an incentive for continued service offered to Service Members who qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
(Ref: Title 38 USC Section 3319; DoDI 1341.13)
Qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill at any payment tier.
Be currently serving in the Uniformed Services, with at least six years completed
NOT be flagged for adverse action, APFT/ABCP failure, or as Unsatisfactory Participant
Agree to a four-year service obligation from the date of your transfer request (Through milConnect)
Transfer to an eligible dependent
Spouse and /or dependents must be listed under you in DEERS
Transfer to children must be completed before each child's 23rd birthday (21st birthday if not enrolled full-time at an Education Institution)
How to Apply?
Contact the VA: Call 1-888-GIBILL-1, ask how many months you have remaining in each GI Bill program.
Max of 36 months can be transferred amongst all qualifying dependents.


     Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017