Wellness Center

​​​​​Our missions is to promote warrior readiness while providing an elite fitness experience with quality equipment, certfied coaches, specialty fitness classes, and a motivational atmosphere.

  Hours of Operation
0600-2100 Daily
Phone: 515-252-4760

CDWC Staffed Hours
0600-1730 Monday-Friday


Attention Soldiers and Authorized Patrons:
  1. Everyone must have a valid ID to workout at the CDWC. Any questions regarding authorization please contact the CDWC.
  2. Unauthorized guests are prohibited. Those without proper authorization/identification will be asked to leave. 
  3. Reservations are needed for group or individual fitness tests, MWR events, unit PT, or ACFT Prep.
  4. Must contact the CDWC staff in order to make a unit/group reservation.
  5. The CDWC is a no equipment check-out facility. 

Coach Cue and Coach Wiederin welcome you to the CDWC. We offer a wide variety of classes for those who want to tap in to their inner athlete. We will push you with challenging workouts and change the way you feel about exercise.

Here are our top 10 fitness tips:
  1. Schedule your workouts weekly. This will hold you accountable.
  2. Have your strength workouts include the SEVEN basic movements of the human body. It’s necessary!
    a. Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, and Gait.
  3. Always get in some cardio.
  4. Eat vegetables with every lunch.
  5. Practice mobility moves and foam rolling regularly.
  6. Avoid fast food and fried food.
  7. Strive for a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night.
  8. At minimum you should complete four workouts every week.
  9. Find a purpose for each workout.
  10. Discover who is part of your FITNESS SQUAD. Everyone needs support and encouragement in the gym. So grab your battle buddy and make it happen!




Units with more than 25 Soldiers MUST make a reservation with Natalie Cue to use the facility.

Patrons MUST wear​ shirts (that cover​ midriff) and no boots are allowed throughout the facility.

Contact: 515-252-4760 - staffed hours (0600-1730 M-F)




 Wellness Center Information

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Natalie Cue (Activies Specialist 1)

0900-1730 M-F
Catch Phrase "Make Healthy Choices"
ACFT Certfiied
Wartburg College Graduate
13 years in the fitness industry as a health and fitness professional
4 year collegiate cross country and track athlete
Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified MFT Graduate
Level 1 nutritionally certified
Instructs spinning, yoga, Soldier striders, and strength classes Specializes in corrective exercises, kettle bell technique, and running programs
Continually growing in the fitness industry and always finding ways to motivate and get people moving to perform better


Ashely Wiederin (Activities Assistant)

​​0600-1430 M-F
Catch Phrase "It's good for you!"
B.A. Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion, Central College
M.S. Applied Exercise Science with an emphasis in Human Movement Science, Concordia University Chicago
Former Collegiate Athlete
Injury Prevention and Wellness Specialist
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Yogafit Level 1 Certified
11 years’ experience in the fitness industry with experience working with athletes, seniors, pre/post knee replacements, post stroke, post cardiovascular/pulmonary rehab, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease patients, as well as other movement disorders.



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