Wellness Center

Our mission is to provide superior fitness facility, staff, and equipment ensuring quality individual and group fitness experience, while promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

  Hours of Operation


Closed for Renovations


Call for reservation for APFT bikes.


Phone: 515-252-4760

 ​Classes are STILL Happening! Check the schedule​ of classes.



​The CDWC is currently under renovations and is closed. We appreciate your cooperation, and look forward to seeing you when we re-open. Re-opening TBD.


Units with more than 25 Soldiers MUST make a reservation with Natalie Cue to use the facility.

Patrons MUST wear​ shirts (that cover​ midriff) and no boots are allowed throughout the facility.

Contact: 515-252-4760 - staffed hours (0500-1730 M-F)




 Wellness Center Information

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Natalie Cue

Catch Phrase "Make Healthy Choices"
Activities Specialist
0900-1730 M-F
Wartburg College Graduate
13 years in the fitness industry as a health and fitness professional
4 year collegiate cross country and track athlete
Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified MFT Graduate
Level 1 nutritionally certified
Instructs spinning, yoga, Soldier striders, and strength classes Specializes in corrective exercises, kettle bell technique, and running programs
Elite Spartan Athlete - 2015 World Championships Competitor
2014 Iowa Female Athlete of the Year
Continually growing in the fitness industry and always finding ways to motivate and get people moving to perform better

SGT Alan Johnson

Catch Phrase "Anyone can change for the better"
Activities Assistant
0500-1345 M-F
Iowa State University Graduate
Did not meet Army Body Composition Standards when enlisted in the Army, but is now continually maxing the APFT!
MFT Graduate
SERE School
Repel Master Course
Air Assault
Instructs spinning, Soldier striders, beginners yoga, and strength classes
Looking to acquire more fitness certifications and motivate those who are looking to change their fitness for the long term

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