Tech Jobs

 ArmyIA17-001 Health System Specialist/GS-0671-7/9 ENL (E-5 to E-7)MED DET- G1 , Johnston, IA1/23/2017
 ArmyIA17-007 Security Specialist/GS-0080-9/11 OFF (CPT & Below), WO, ENL (SPC & ABOVE)JFHQ, Johnston, IA1/27/2017
 ArmyIA17-004Safety and Occupational Health Officer/GS-0018-12 Off (CPT & above) or WO (CW2 -CW5)Aviation Safety Office, JFHQ, Johnston, IA1/27/2017
 ArmyIA17-006 Supervisory HR Specialist (PLNS & Mobility)/GS-0201-11 Off (O-5 and below)G1, Johnston, IA1/24/2017
 ArmyIA17-012 Transportation Management Specialist/GS-2130-09 Officer (CPT and below)USPFO, Johnston, IA2/1/2017
 ArmyIA17-013 Surface Maintenance Repairer/WG-5801-08 EnlistedFMS #4, Council Bluffs, IA2/1/2017
 ArmyIA17-015 Program Analyst/GS-0343-09 Officers (O1-O3) Warrant Officers (W01-CW2) G4, Johnston, IA2/1/2017

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