Tech Jobs

 AirIA16-267Industrial Hygiene Technician/GS-0640-08 Enlisted185th ARW/Sioux City, IA1/20/2017
 AirIA16-278 Air Battle Manager (Instructor)/GS-2101-12 Officer (O-3 and below) & ENL with passing AFOQT133rd TES SQ, Fort Dodge, IA1/27/2017
 AirIA17-002Training Technician/GS-1702-09 Enlisted185th ARW, Sioux City, IA1/23/2017
 AirIA17-003Aircraft Mechanic Supervisor/WS-8852-10Enlisted (MSgt-SMSgt)185th ARW, Sioux City, IA1/23/2017
 AirIA17-005 IT Specialist (SYSADMIN)/GS-2210-11 Enlisted133rd TES SQ, Fort Dodge, IA2/8/2017
 AirIA17-008 It Specialist (Security)/GS-2210-9/11 Enlisted (TSgt and below)132d Wing, Des Moines, IA1/27/2017
 AirIA17-011 Health Technician/GS-0640-08 Enlisted (MSgt and below)132d Wing, Des Moines, IA2/1/2017
 AirIA17-010 Electronics integrated Systems Mechanic Leader/WL-2610-13 Enlisted (SMSgt and below)185th ARW, Sioux City, IA2/2/2017