AGR Jobs

ArmyEN EQUIP REP TECH/Enlisted (with Cert of WO Eligability) W1-W4 16-064AREnlisted or OfficerSUSTAINMENT TRANING CENTER, Johnston, IA8/3/2016
ArmyADMIN-TRAINING NCO/E-616-066AREnlistedHHC 2/34TH BCT, Boone, IA8/2/2016
ArmyADMIN/SUPPLY SGT/E-516-067AREnlistedDET 1 1034TH QM SUP CO, Clinton, IA8/4/2016
ArmyAMENDED S3/2OIC / O-3AMENDED 16-063OfficerHHC (-) 1ST BN 133RD INF, WATERLOO, IA8/11/2016
ArmyCANCELLATION - ADMIN-SUPPLY NCO/E-5Cancelled 16-062ARNewEnlistedDET 4 CO B 248 SPT BN, Davenport, IA7/29/2016
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