AGR Jobs

ArmyAsistant Ops SGT/E-614-142AREnlistedHHC 2/34th BCT/Boone, IA12/1/2014
ArmySenior Human Resources Sergeant/E-814-143AREnlisted67th Troop Command/Iowa City, IA12/4/2014
ArmyInstallation NCOIC/E-914-144AREnlistedTraining Center/Johnston, IA12/3/2014
ArmySupply Sergeant/E-614-145AREnlistedHHD, 109th MED BN/Iowa City, IA12/4/2014
ArmySupply NCO/E-614-146AREnlisted833rd ENG CO/Ottumwa, IA12/1/2014
ArmyRetention NCO/E-614-147AREnlistedHHC 1-133 IN/Waterloo, IA12/3/2014
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