AirSUPPORT SERVICES SPEC/E-717-013AFEnlisted133 TES SQ, Ft Dodge, IA5/12/2017
AirAIRCRAFT MECHANIC (Amended)/E-717-014AF (Amended)Enlisted185th ARW, Sioux City, IA5/12/2017
AirAIRCRAFT MECHANIC SUPERVISOR/E-717-015AFEnlisted185th ARW, Sioux City, IA5/3/2017
AirSECURITY FORCES JOURNEYMAN/E-517-017AFEnlisted132d Wing, Des Moines, IA4/28/2017
AirFuel Distrib System Worker/E-717-018AFNewEnlisted185th LGR SQ/SIOUX CITY, IA5/10/2017


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