Research Center Security
All researchers are asked to register each visit. For security purposes, personal belongings are checked at the front desk. Researchers may bring only pencils, paper and laptop computers into the library research center.
The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum Library and Research Center is located in the Brig Gen Ed Bird Memorial Library, in the museum building at Camp Dodge. Visitors should ask the receptionist for assistance to work within the research center.
Hours of Operation:
Saturday by appointment.
Researchers traveling to the museum may want to call in advance.
Contact the Curator at 515-252-4531 or email the Museum.
The Gold Star Military Museum is an active member of the area community. The museum hosts school tours, veterans group meetings, commemorative events, special programs and participates in activities sponsored by its governing agency, the Iowa National Guard. The museum specifically works with the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to coordinate veterans support and honor activities. The message of the Gold Star Military Museum is one of affirmation. The Museum recognizes, acknowledges and affirms the role of state veterans who have served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. We make a special effort to maintain the history of the Iowa National Guard. We believe that our programs, exhibits, and services contribute to the quality of life Iowa citizens enjoy.
Iowa Veterans Populations
Military Action
Number served
Number of deaths
Mexican War 1,038 78
Civil War 76,534 13,167
Spanish-American War 5,600 164
Mexican Border Service 4,309 8
World War I 114,242 3,576
World War II 262,638 8,398
Korean War 85,314 508
Vietnam War 115,000 860
Lebanon or Grenada 390 1
Panama -- Operation Just Cause 495 1
Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) 3,050 7
Iraq & Afghanistan -- OIF (Multiple Deployments 20,500 97
Estimates of Iowa's Veterans Populations as of 01 July 2014
Dept of Veterans Affairs
Total number of veterans living in Iowa 481,000
Word War I 0
World War II 41,922
Korean War 35,402
Vietnam War 84,106
Persian Gulf War 34,411