Group Tours 
Since opening in 1985 the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum and Education Center has provided tours and educational activities to hundreds of tour groups of all ages. All activities are designed to inform students about the service of Iowa military veterans. We continue to encourage educators and students to visit the museum and to use it as an educational resource. We also welcome suggestions.
The museum offers two tour options:
Guided Tours:
Guided tours are available for groups of 10 or more. A volunteer guide gives a detailed description of the exhibits from the Mexican War through the Current Iraq / Afghanistan War on Terror. We recommend, if possible, scheduling your group visit during the fall or winter seasons when the museum is less crowded. We feel it may be a more enjoyable experience for your students with less of a crowd.
Scavenger Hunts:
  1. Artifact & History Search
  2. Iowa Firsts History Search
Students may learn and retain new information better on their museum visit by playing the Scavenger Hunt game. To complete their Scavenger Hunt task students must explore the exhibit areas for answers. Scavenger Hunt Task Sheets are available for grades 4-6 and 7-12.
For more information on tours, please contact Mike Musel at (515) 252-4531 or e-mail

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