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Please join us on September 13th at 11am.  We meet at the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum quarterly with guest speakers presenting topics that are relevent to you.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013 – ARAG Legal Clinic will be assisting veterans with Power of Attorney and Living Will for NO COST. The museum is co-hosting the event with Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs
Friday, November 8th – Westridge Elementary 5th graders with provide a patriotic tribute to veterans through Song.  The Concert will take place at 10am.  All are welcome.
Monday, November 11th -  Veterans Day – The museum will be OPEN from 10am to 4pm.


Spirit of '45

013-05 Aug 05 13 Spirit of 45 Proclamation - GOV BRANSTAD v2.pdf013-05 Aug 05 13 Spirit of 45 Proclamation - GOV BRANSTAD v2.pdf

I wanted to make you aware of a World War II P51 Fighter Pilot, Jerry Yellin, whom I met in June 2012, and is among the most fascinating people I’ve ever come across in my life. Jerry, who is 90 years of age, and resides with his wife, Helene, in Fairfield, Iowa, was selected to be the National Spokesman of the “Spirit of 45” organization, which is oriented around highlighting the accomplishments of those of our Greatest Generation, and their contributions during World War II, and beyond. Jerry Yellin of Fairfield, Iowa, is the NATIONAL SPOKESMAN. He was a P51 fighter pilot, flew in the South Pacific, flew for three years with three other Iowa Pilots (Tom McCullough of Sac City, Bob Rosenberry of either Cedar Falls or Cedar Rapids, Bob Rubey of either Cedar Falls or Cedar Rapids, and Al Sharron of Waterloo – Al Sharron was killed on July 8, 1945, while flying a P51). Jerry flew the very last mission of World War II, a mission over mainland Japan. While returning to Okinawa, his wingman’s aircraft was lost at sea, and Jerry learned after landing his aircraft that the war had been declared over.


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