Federal Tuition Assistance Program (GoArmyEd)
URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT AFFECTING - FEDERAL TUITION ASSISTANCE (GoArmyEd) - Federal Tuition Assistance semester hour limits are changed to maximum 130 semester hours for undergraduate and 39 semester hours for graduate. There is a maximum of only 16 credit hours per Fiscal Year that will be paid to Army Soldiers.

The GoArmyEd program is a federally funded tuition assistance program that pays schools for the cost of tuition for the soldier.
*       All Army National Guard (ARNG) traditional and AGR soldiers in an active drilling status are eligible for GoArmyEd
*       Mobilized or deployed ARNG enlisted or officer would be eligible for GoArmyEd
Who is NOT eligible?
*       Soldiers who have accrued 9 or more AWOLs/UNSATs in the previous 12 months, at time of application
*       Private High Schools attendees
*    Soldiers pursuing a lateral or lower degree
*   Soldiers who have not completed one year of service beyond the completion of AIT
*   Soldiers who have been flagged for any reason
*  Soldiers who pursuing a master's degree and have not completed 10 years of military service
Examples of soldiers in the Iowa Army National Guard who receive GoArmyEd:
*       Soldiers pursuing a Masters Degree, if the Soldier has completed one year of service beyond AIT, COS, or BOLC and has paid for the undergraduate degree using no federal tuition assistance, the Soldier may use federal tuition assistance for the Master's Degree
*       Graduate students
*       Soldiers attending any college or university (to include online courses)
*       All summer students
*   Soldier's pursuing a Master's Degree and used federal tuition assistance to pay for the undergraduate degree(s), and completed 10 years of military service regardless of the military service branch may use federal tuition assistance to obtain a master's Degree
FUNDING: The GoArmyEd program is a 100% tuition assistance program up to $250 per semester hour, $167 per quarter hour, or $5.55 per clock hour and up to $4500 per fiscal year (OCT1-SEP30).  The $4500 annual max can also be applied to fees that are DIRECTLY associated with classes (i.e. lab fees).  GoArmyEd does not cover fees such as; Health Services Fees, Building of Facility Fees, Student Activity Fees.  Soldiers must provide details of the fees on the uploaded statement of tuition fees.  GoArmyEd cannot be used for books.
AUTHORIZED LEVELS: Soldiers may use GoArmyEd to receive one degree or credential from each of the following levels. 
*       Associate
*       Baccalaureate
*       Masters or First Professional
*       Certificate
**Up to 130 credits for an undergraduate degree and up to 39 credits for a Graduate Degree or Certificate**
*   Apply online at GoArmyEd Login
*    How to create an account:  Account Creation     
*    How to upload documents to eFile: Uploading Documents  
*   How to apply for Tuition Assistance:  TA Request  
*   How to move your rejected application back to pending:  Resolve Rejected Request 
*   How to print off your TA Authorization Form:  Printing TA Form   
*   Annual Statement of Understanding 2014 (SOU)
*  Request for TA Recoupment Waiver
*    Example of Cost Verification
*    Example of Class Schedule
** Hardcopy forms are not accepted for GoArmyEd.

DEADLINES: Tuition assistance requests can be submitted up to 60 days before the class start date and must be submitted by the start date of the course the Soldier is requesting tuition assistance for.
THE PROCESS:  Create an account in GoArmyEd.  Upon creation of your account, you must complete the Common Application.  A Statement of Understanding (SOU) signed by your unit commander must be uploaded into eFile in GoArmyEd before you can submit your common application (Step 2 of the Common Application).  You must then request TA and upload supporting documents as requested by the system.  You will receive an email once your TA application is approved/denied. *Check you SPAM folder in your email if you have not received a response within 1 week of submitting helpdesk tickets or TA requests.*  You can then go into GoArmyEd to print your TA voucher   YOU MUST PROVIDE THE TA VOUCHER TO YOUR SCHOOL SO THAT YOUR SCHOOL CAN INVOICE THE ARMY.  Grades will be reported to GoArmyEd by the school.