Army and Air Force Exchange Service

The Camp Dodge AAFES Post Exchange is located in Building 3592/B-76.

We will be happy to accommodate extended hours when necessary. We hope to go back to our regular hours when all our troops come home. (If anyone has a need for any extended hours, they need to call Carol Duncan at extension 4382. We need at least 24 hours advance notice, if possible.)
The Post Exchange officers a variety of item:
Military Clothing
Military Clothing (mil-clothes.jpg -14782 bytes) 
Personal Clothing
Personal clothing (per-clothes.jpg - 13577 bytes) 
All kinds of luggage (luggage.jpg - 11568 bytes) 
Various Electronics (tv.jpg - 12189 bytes) 
Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages (wine.jpg - 18983 bytes) 
Hygiene Items
Hygiene Items (shampoo.jpg - 17355 bytes) 
Books, Magazines, etc. (books.jpg - 16569 bytes) 
extras like Perfumes
Perfume and Gifts (perfume.jpg - 11928 bytes) 

Also AAFES shopping is available online at

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
0730 - 1730

Saturday - Sunday
1000 - 1730